Environment Advisory

It has come to our attention (as on occasions it does), that it is necessary to point out, that as a business, we are regulated by law in the disposal of waste from the lead and other materials that come off the doors and furniture that we strip either by hand or by the tanking process. The reason for this is to stop the practice of waste disposal illegally, in whatever form this takes. So as a site, we have codes for the business and can therefore be visited by the environment agency whenever required. This also means we are VAT registered and have a company number for the purpose of HMRC, the water board company and local councils who are aware of the business we conduct.

All of this has taken time to build up, and it is a passion that we personally have and love about this process of renovating and restoring things that may have other wise made landfill. On this basis we strongly advise anyone who is given a quote for stripping doors or any other commodity, that you ask about the premises and the licenses that are required, and the process of waste disposal. Also if possible ask to visit the premises where the operations take place and ask what happens to the waste water that is used to neutralise the chemicals. 

We have been in this business for 25 years, it took nearly 4 years of negotiation to acquire the correct paperwork to be able to do something we care about very much.  We have been advised by several clients that they have felt uncomfortable with the options being offered by other companies, so please be careful and ask the correct questions when enquiring. 

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